Bonnie Campbell

Bonnie Campbell is a fine artist in multiple media, based in Canada.

Her works of sculpture, masks, paintings, textiles and jewelry have been presented at various venues. These include:

  • The Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver
  • Prime Canadian Crafts in Toronto
  • Helen Pitt Gallery in Vancouver
  • The Fitch Gallery in Vancouver (where I was a founder and partner in the early 1980s)
  • The Sunshine Coast Arts Festival
  • The Madrona Exposition Centre in Nanaimo
  • The Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver
  • The Cartwright Gallery in Vancouver
  • Fashion Week in Vancouver
  • The Vancouver Art Gallery “Public Animal No.1” exhibition (which included work by Bill Reid, Mary Pratt, and Alex Colville)
  • In motion picture wardrobe
  • Exhibition with other Canadian artists presented by the International Olympic Committee at The Vancouver Club in 2010.